Friday, December 4, 2009

Newfs just want to have fun

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, mom and dad took us to see some friends that live in Garden Valley Idaho. Their names are Yogi, Montana and Grizzley Rose. Oh, and Sam and Sandie too, the human friends.

The first and proper thing to do was become re-acquainted with our Newf friends.

After visiting for awhile, we found out the real reason we came along - to get our picture taken. And we had to sit still. Don't these people know that there's snow to run in here???

After awhile, we got so bored of sitting and posing and trying to look handsome. So we let mom and dad know it.

We had a great time playing with you Yogi, Montana and Rose. Thanks for inviting us. We hope we can come back again! And thanks Sam Rosen of Garden Valley, Idaho for taking our pictures.