Friday, December 4, 2009

Newfs just want to have fun

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, mom and dad took us to see some friends that live in Garden Valley Idaho. Their names are Yogi, Montana and Grizzley Rose. Oh, and Sam and Sandie too, the human friends.

The first and proper thing to do was become re-acquainted with our Newf friends.

After visiting for awhile, we found out the real reason we came along - to get our picture taken. And we had to sit still. Don't these people know that there's snow to run in here???

After awhile, we got so bored of sitting and posing and trying to look handsome. So we let mom and dad know it.

We had a great time playing with you Yogi, Montana and Rose. Thanks for inviting us. We hope we can come back again! And thanks Sam Rosen of Garden Valley, Idaho for taking our pictures.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Theona!

This past Saturday we added a new addition to our family - Theona! We were lucky enough to be able to adopt her and give her a new forever home. She's 5 years old and such a sweetheart. Collectively we are now known as TAZ - Theona, Abbey, Zeke (maybe we should change the name of our blog?). Theona is adapting well to her new home and is loved by all. We are looking forward to many happy days and wonderful adventures with her.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day Weekend camping

Mom and Dad took us on a long weekend camping trip to Warm Lake here in Idaho.
We had a very good time. We did all sorts of interesting stuff, like swimming, walks, chasing squirrels and and trying to eat a dead, dried up frog that was crunchy like a potato chip. Of course, we are the subjects of all of the good pictures that mom and dad took.

Here we are lounging around the camp site.

This is a Stellar's Jay that kept taunting us to chase it.

These are our friends, Denali and Walter. The four of us always have fun together.

Abbey, Denali and Zeke enjoying an afternoon swim

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some things we did this summer

Summer is not our favorite time of year. We'd much rather it was 20 degrees outside, with 6" of snow and blizzard warnings posted until like next March. So when we're not inside hogging cool air coming from the air conditioning vents this is some of the stuff we've done.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Abbey and Zeke go to the mountains

So today we had our choice of going with Dad to the mountains or staying home with Mom while she goes shopping. Hmmm......what should we do? Tough choice for a Newfie.
After driving for what seemed like FOREVER we finally stopped by this little mountain stream where Dad let us out of the truck.
As usual, Abbey was the first in the water, but Zeke wasn't far behind. He just had to pee first.
After getting our feet wet and sniffing everything we could, we had to dry off. So we jumped out of the creek and ran around like banshees. Dad didn't get any pictures of that because he left the camera in the truck when he went to get his ham sandwich. Dad didn't give us any of that either.
We had a good day and wore ourselves out. We let Dad post to our blog while we take a much needed nap by the front door.
We hope all of our friends had a nice weekend too.
A & Z

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What we did this weekend

Abbey subscribes to the "Last one in is a rotten egg" theory. Judging by the look on her face, her dad is waaaaay to slow.

Zeke always seems to get caught looking a little goofy (like a lot of adolescent young men). But he really isn't that concerned with physical appearances. I love that tongue.

Never mind that it's only 45 degrees, the water was just recently snow pack and it's raining. This is what being a Newfie is all about.

Abbey wondering what the heck Zeke is doing. The water is this way.

Wet, dirty, and oh so happy. This is what weekends are all about.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peanut Butter

Abbey loves peanut butter.
Really loves it.
I mean really really loves it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dog Park Days

I think that Abbey & Zeke's favorite thing to do is go camping, either because there's usually water somewhere nearby or because there are so many other things to sniff out and discover. But we have to wait just a little longer to go camping. I think their 2nd favorite thing to do is go to the dog park. They've made quite a few friends there and neither of them have any trouble getting along with other dogs.

This is Zeke after we've been at the park for about an hour.

This is Abbey and her friend Denali (and some guy in the background that stopped to watch the big dogs play)

And this is Abbey getting worn out....

And the best thing about having a busy Saturday afternoon is a nice nap afterwards

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The handsome boy on the left is Zeke, our Landseer. He's very gentle and is a momma's boy. The beautiful girl on the right is Abbey, our Irish Spotted newf. She's full of energy and just wants to run and have fun. We've had dogs before, and all have been wonderful companions. They are an important part of our lives. But there's just something special about Newfoundlands. Just look at those faces!

The Newfies in my life...

This is my blog, just for fun, nothing serious, and mostly about our dogs. My wife and I have two Newfoundland dogs. Coincindentally, my wife was born in Newfoundland. So, they're all Newfies. Guess that makes me the odd one out, cause I was born in Kansas (Go Jayhawks!).
This is just a little sampling of our lives together.