Sunday, June 7, 2009

Abbey and Zeke go to the mountains

So today we had our choice of going with Dad to the mountains or staying home with Mom while she goes shopping. Hmmm......what should we do? Tough choice for a Newfie.
After driving for what seemed like FOREVER we finally stopped by this little mountain stream where Dad let us out of the truck.
As usual, Abbey was the first in the water, but Zeke wasn't far behind. He just had to pee first.
After getting our feet wet and sniffing everything we could, we had to dry off. So we jumped out of the creek and ran around like banshees. Dad didn't get any pictures of that because he left the camera in the truck when he went to get his ham sandwich. Dad didn't give us any of that either.
We had a good day and wore ourselves out. We let Dad post to our blog while we take a much needed nap by the front door.
We hope all of our friends had a nice weekend too.
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  1. Hey! Who knew you had a blog! Make sure to tell Newf Net about it. Fun to keep up with you guys. We've done the mountain stream thing,too! We'll link to you on our blog as soon as we can. Do you guys swim or just wade?